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Small Satellite

THETASAT - an innovative LEO Platform

Quick Info

THETASAT is a newly developed innovative platform for low earth orbit satellites. The structure is based on the well known TUBSAT-design of Prof. Udo Renner, developed at the “Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt” of the Technical University Berlin. The image shows Prof. Renner with Lapan Tubsat.

THETASAT is an advanced flexible Platform-Adaptions with customized Payload Optimizations. 


  • KISS – Design (Keep it Simple Smart)
  • Space Heritage, seven TUBSAT in orbit
  • Interactive Attitude Control
  • Ground station training with LAPAN-TUBSAT using DLR ground station Weilheim
  • Laboratory training with air baring facility
  • Star Sensor Control
  • UHF / S-band communication
  • Flexible design for custom demand
  • Carrier for a variety of payload
  • Special large telescopes for earth observation with ground resolution down to 1.5m
  • HDTV resolution camera