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LineScan Imaging Space Application

Quick Info

LISA II is a very high-resolution, 3 CCD multispectral 16-bit trilinear line camera system, designed for scientific imaging scanning in space applications. The square pixel with the size of 9ìm x 9ìm and the high image resolution of 3x 3x 8002 pixel is optimally qualified for all applications of space imaging scanning in particular for high ground resolution, multispectral earth analysis with up to nine spectral bands.


  • 9 effective CCD lines
  • 3 CCD - design
  • Scanning up to nine spectral bands
  • High sensitivity
  • 16-bit digitalization
  • 30% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark current
  • External timing control
  • Remote control of all Settings
  • Custom interface design
  • Compatibility with space environment.