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Web inspection

We are able to offer you a wide range of web viewing solutions. We set a high value on the modular architecture of our systems to satisfy all customer wishes. Therefore you will experience web inspection in a new dimension.


ELSCAN dualView

With the help of revolutionary technology ELSCAN dualView leads to the next generation of web viewing systems providing entirely new features. It consists of two digital CCD cameras which are mounted side by side. The first CCD camera equipped with a wide angle lens offers the total overview, the second CCD camera is equipped with a telephoto lens and offers simultaneously a high magnification for finest image details. With this combination an extremely fast and precise web viewing can be achieved without any time consuming lens zooming. The image visualization is absolutely free of any distortions and fringes due to the application of two digital 2 megapixels cameras in combination with special high resolution lenses. Web viewing is not the only purpose of this high definition system consisting of 2 12bit cameras with a dynamic range of 4096:1, it can also be used for color measurement, color densitometry and color register measurement. dualView has been patented by Theta System because of its absolutely unique features.
ELSCAN superView

ELSCAN superView

ELSCAN superView integrates the newest technologies of ELSCAN dualView by the linear arrangement of several megapixels cameras with lenses of the same focal length, over the whole web width. Depending on the number of cameras, pixel resolutions of smaller 0.1mm can be achieved for the image capturing with more than 64 megapixels image information. For example 8 million pixels are visualized with outstanding image quality simultaneously by the use of four 20” LCD-color displays (each with 1600x1200 pixels). superView is especially suitable for densitometry, colorimetry, color register measurement, defect detection and barcode inspection in connection with our software modules. The inspection of the whole web sheet is possible in shortest time periods by the automatic scan in web running direction (multiscan).