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Inline Color Register Control for web offset printing

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The control of Web Offset printing machines with all their combinations and complementary print and processing units is done by ELPRINT regiCon.
In most of the applications High Speed Matrix Cameras are used for the color register measurement which can be combined with fibre optic based sensoric to control additional units.



ELPRINT regiCon is the ideal system for color register control. It is conceptually designed for maximum user comfort and can be used by the printer very intuitively. Beside the standard business forms and mailing print web offset is used more and more in the field of flexible packaging.


The register measurement is facing increasing demands in terms of the accuracy and the sensitivity to read light contrast on the different substrates safely.
ELPRINT regiCon uses sophisticated High Speed Matrix Cameras reading all kinds of color contrasts precisely.To a certain extend laquer marks can be measured absolutely which is a big advantage.


The groundbreaking technology even allows a measurement directly behind the last printing unit in front of the dryer unit (web offset presses). Response time can be cut down to split seconds with this very early measuring what in return reduces drastically the waste paper output.